As lucrative as it can be, the Olympics still proves to be an extremely expensive event for most countries to host, according to census pulled from 500 business executives.

Discussing the business of sports and the coming Olympics at the Global leadership summit held by London business school, 67% of the audience, including corporate finance leaders, agreed that the cost of hosting this prestigious event is much too high for most countries around the world. It is estimated that London’s Olympics 2012 is costing the around $17 billion (9 billion, just as the Beijing Olympics of 2008 is reported to have cost close to $40 billion (20 billion).

Even as countries around the globe struggle to cope with the financial turbulence of current, the cost of organising such a major event may be too prohibitive for many countries. The main concern for many is likely to be centred on monetary issues and financial management, although bidding to host the Olympics concluded before the start of the global recession.

Whilst many felt that the costs of the event were too steep for most countries, a 67% of others at the event also believed that the investments generated off the back of the Olympics games is substantial and highly beneficial for the host country.

Speaking at the event was Andrew Scott, professor of Economics at London Business School who chaired a team on the impact of major sport events. According to Professor Scott, “”There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that hosting an Olympics boosts trade significantly. It’s a wonderful symbol of a country’s commitment to the world and to trade.”

The census carried out with business executives who attended the global leadership submit also revealed future predictions in the sporting industry. Many believed that Asia with receive the most growth in sports in the next 10 years, with UK and Europe witnessing 4% growth, followed by Russia with 2% and America 1%.

According to survey, football was predicted to receive the highest growth over the next five years, by 44% of the audience, while rugby received 14% of the vote followed closely by 13% vote for basketball.

The event which attracted some of the most innovative minds in sports, business and corporate finance such as, Andrea Agnelli, chairman of league-winning Italian football giant Juventus, and Sean Fitzpatrick, Founder, Front Row Leadership and former New Zealand All Blacks captain, was centred around business and sports, educating on the similarities shared by both industry.

Professor Andrew Scott and London Business School academic colleagues, including Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice were joined by Sir John Armitt, Chair of Olympic Delivery Authority, and Beth Comstock, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, GE.

Many people feel trapped by their bad financial situations. Working through them seems like a far-fetched dream, and getting past them is impossible. However, with the right advice, anyone can improve their finances. Keep reading to learn how you can work past a bad financial situation and work towards a positive one.

Do not assume your income will always be as much as you make now. Save for possible unexpected accidents. The old saying “hope for the best, but plan for the worst” is actually very good advice. Do not carry any more credit than absolutely necessary and try to limit it to a mortgage and a car payment.

Save money by figuring out how to make your own things. This can apply to many areas of your life, from clothing to food and home furnishings to cosmetics. Lumber scraps can make a great, inexpensive bookshelf, and baking soda and vinegar make great home cleaning products. Use the internet to find out how you can get creative and make more things instead of buying them.

A good personal finance tip is to make sure you have a will in place. The last thing you’d want is for your family to miss out on getting their proper inheritances because the right paperwork hadn’t been filled out. Protect yourself and your family financially by writing up your own will.

You can save money, as well as your life, just by quitting smoking. Many people spend hundreds of dollars per month on something that hurts their pocketbook and puts their health at risk. If you need help quitting, ask your doctor for advice on how to do it less painfully!

A good personal finance tip is to take an hour or two and look around your house to see if there’s any money lying around. People are often surprised with the amount of money that’s just sitting around, not being put to use. Pockets and under the couch are always great places to look.

Take stock of your monthly bills and find areas for cuts. Evaluate whether all the features of your utilities are necessary. You may find options that go unused, yet are paid regularly. You may also find special offers that cut your costs for a period of time. Just pay attention to time frames and check overall costs first.

Everyone has heard of the latte factor by now. What are you spending money on that you could omit? Remember, if this is a consistent spending habit, like your daily coffee, then you could see some major savings coming up if you do something about it. Consider the latte factor, and find out what your latte is.

If you have a lot of debt, pay off your credit card debt first. Credit card debt tends to have the highest rates of interest and the amount can build quickly and ruin your finances. Once your credit cards are paid off consider closing all but one account and then use that only for emergencies.

There’s no better day than today to start working to improve your finances. Look over the advice in the article, and see which tips will benefit you the most. The sooner you begin working towards getting out of a bad financial situation, the sooner you’ll find yourself in a good one.

Real money also referred to as “sound money” is made up of hard assets such as gold and silver. This form of sound money starts in the ground where it is first dug up. Then it goes through processing and refinement and finally it becomes money once the refined gold or silver has been minted into coins by a government treasury. However in this day and age it is not sound money that circulates globally within each country it is another form of money known as “fiat currency”. All fiat currencies are the same but how are they created?

In America, the US dollar is the nation’s fiat currency. It all starts off with the US Treasury who creates bonds which are government IOU’s that are paid back over a specific time period with interest. The Treasury holds monthly auctions to sell off its bonds to primary dealers who are the major banks. Then the US Federal Reserve enters the game by purchasing all the bonds from the banks through something called “open market operations”. Once again the banks go back to the US Treasury auctions the next month buying more bonds and selling them to the Federal Reserve. And every month this cycle of buying and selling is repeated over and over.

Finally over time there becomes an excess of bonds at the Fed and cash in the Treasury. The Treasury now takes this excess cash and deposits it into the various branches of government. Which is then spend on wars, military, and government salaries, social programs, public work projects and other deficit spending that keeps re-occurring. Next all those government employees and military personnel take their salaries and deposit them into various bank accounts throughout the nation. This is how the fiat money now enters the commercial banking sector.

Within the commercial banking sector we now have what I refer to as “magic money creation” which is actually called “Fractional Reserve Lending”. Here is an example of how fractional reserve lending works. Let’s say someone deposits $100.00 into a bank account, the bank that received that deposit is now legally allowed to remove $90.00 or ninety percent of your deposit and re-lend it to someone else. Thereby actually leaving your account with only $10.00 or ten percent of your total deposit left inside. However your bank statement will still show the entire $100.00 dollars or one hundred percent of your deposit is still in your account.

The person who received your money from the bank as a loan will use it to buy something such as a car. Then that person will pay the car dealer with the money he borrowed. Now the car dealer will deposit this money into his own account at the bank. Now there is $190.00 on deposit and the bank can legally steal Ninety percent again or $81.00 and lend it out. The next person then comes along and borrows money. Once the new borrower pays the seller for what they bought the money again is re-deposited into the bank and now there is $271 dollars on deposit. This creation of money through deposits and loans (fractional reserve lending) keeps re-occurring to where at some point your original $100.00 deposit has grown to $1000.00 (ten times the amount of your original deposit) in fiat currency created from the bank.

The entire system of creating money from nothing is a complete scam. It all starts with the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury exchanging IOU’s. A check is an IOU for cash and a bond is an IOU to be paid back with interest at some later date. Cash comes into existence once the Fed issues someone a check. However, it’s important to note that when the Fed writes and issues a check there is no money what so ever in the account to cover the amount of that check. The account these checks are written from will always carry a zero balance.

Therefore each dollar that exists is actually borrowed and it must be paid back. Once again nothing backs these dollars except IOU’s. Furthermore, for the hard work each US citizen does to earn his or her salary, a portion of it eventually winds up at the Treasury in the form of income taxes. That pays the principle and interest on the bond that the Fed bought with a check from nothing. US citizens are forced into paying taxes for the use of our current money supply system.

This is the Ultimate Government backed and sponsored pyramid scheme where only the banking elite who own the Fed and other central banks around the world massively profit by stealing from generations of innocent citizens.

Tom Genot –

You should never take any risk when it comes to investing your hard earned money. Many want to invest for long term while others may have short term requirement. By consulting an expert investment consultant, you can ensure best protection of your invested sum.

There are advisors who concentrate on specific products. Thus you will find them offering tips when the stock market is rising. Mostly they disappear when the market is facing a downturn. This is why you need to consult a trusted and committed financial advisor like Michael Rabb Newton. The best part about him is he takes full responsibility of your portfolio and keeps on monitoring it regularly. His only objective is that client’s money should not incur losses.

Take a look at the background of Mike Rabb and you will know that he has worked hard to reach his current status. Finance and investment have always attracted him. Hence he planned his education and career accordingly. After completing graduation in economics from the University of Wisconsin he further did specialization in taxation from the University of New Mexico. He started his career as an assistant financial advisor with a popular investment firm in the year 2000. Since he always had this dream of setting up own business, he prepared himself gradually. After gathering enough experience and confidence, he decided to set up his own investment firm.

Michael Rabb Newton has offered investment advices to small and big investors. He is very serious about his work and keeps updating himself on the latest market condition. He is highly knowledgeable about different investment options like stock market, fixed deposit, bonds, insurance and real estate. This has helped in designing the best investment portfolio, after analyzing client’s requirements and financial status. One of his advices to clients is start early with the financial plan which helps in reaping better benefits at advanced age. Many of his clients have followed his suggestions and have benefited too.

Michael Rabb Newton always insists on having a diversified portfolio which can reduce the risk factor. Thus, he never concentrates on a single product. Rather he assesses the current market scenario and then takes action. His stock market suggestions are based on a thorough analysis. He is also highly informed about the real estate sector and can offer sound advices related to home mortgage. He suggests how to keep your mortgage debt under control and also avail of tax benefits in the process.

Plastic money has become a part of our life. For any kind of transaction, people use their credit cards. However, credit card has certain flaws of its own. People tend to get tempted and spend more with easy availability of plastic money. As a result, credit card frauds are also on the rise. Mike Rabb has offered few helpful tips on how to use your credit cards safely and what you should do if the card is stolen. He always stresses on spending wisely. He feels that this is the best way to keep your debts under control.

The gold Individual Retirement Account is one way to invest for one’s retirement. It is a way of investing in commodities like gold, palladium, platinum, and silver. The investor does not need to hold the actual precious metal but is given written documents specifying the value of the gold that he has purchased.

Many people have a preference for making an investment in the gold IRA rather than investing in stocks because of the perception that it’s less risky. A gold Individual Retirement Account gives the investors secure profits. It also reduces the risks associated as the value of the metals are less unstable than options and stocks. Revenues from stocks will usually be determined by the results of the corporation whose shares are kept by the investors.

Investors also give preference to gold IRA investments instead of stocks and options because their price ranges are often changing depending on the market forces of demand and supply. The price of gold has continuously increased over time. It has guaranteed the profits of investors so they don’t have to endure the chance of losing the value of their own investments if the stock market fails.

Gold investing has been practiced by many investors over the centuries. It has been in existence even before the existence of paper currency. Barter system relied very much on the exchange of metals being the medium of exchange. The use of rare metals continues until now because of the steadiness of their prices.

Making an investment in the gold IRA is a very sensible choice since the price of precious metals will undoubtedly rise. It guarantees the retirement savings in contrast to the options and stocks which may not only lose value but also may not pay dividends, particularly if the corporation doesn’t make sufficient profits.

The gold IRA is an effective way for individuals and companies to store their own wealth because the rare metals will rarely lose their value. In fact, they’re greatly appreciated, hence, can be sold quite easily if needed. This means precious metal owners may easily look for prospective buyers whenever they need cash within a short time period. Gold has been utilized as legal tender especially when people wouldn’t like to receive dollars.

Gold IRA is furthermore sought after as its value may be determined internationally not like foreign currencies whose prices vary from country to country.