You should never take any risk when it comes to investing your hard earned money. Many want to invest for long term while others may have short term requirement. By consulting an expert investment consultant, you can ensure best protection of your invested sum.

There are advisors who concentrate on specific products. Thus you will find them offering tips when the stock market is rising. Mostly they disappear when the market is facing a downturn. This is why you need to consult a trusted and committed financial advisor like Michael Rabb Newton. The best part about him is he takes full responsibility of your portfolio and keeps on monitoring it regularly. His only objective is that client’s money should not incur losses.

Take a look at the background of Mike Rabb and you will know that he has worked hard to reach his current status. Finance and investment have always attracted him. Hence he planned his education and career accordingly. After completing graduation in economics from the University of Wisconsin he further did specialization in taxation from the University of New Mexico. He started his career as an assistant financial advisor with a popular investment firm in the year 2000. Since he always had this dream of setting up own business, he prepared himself gradually. After gathering enough experience and confidence, he decided to set up his own investment firm.

Michael Rabb Newton has offered investment advices to small and big investors. He is very serious about his work and keeps updating himself on the latest market condition. He is highly knowledgeable about different investment options like stock market, fixed deposit, bonds, insurance and real estate. This has helped in designing the best investment portfolio, after analyzing client’s requirements and financial status. One of his advices to clients is start early with the financial plan which helps in reaping better benefits at advanced age. Many of his clients have followed his suggestions and have benefited too.

Michael Rabb Newton always insists on having a diversified portfolio which can reduce the risk factor. Thus, he never concentrates on a single product. Rather he assesses the current market scenario and then takes action. His stock market suggestions are based on a thorough analysis. He is also highly informed about the real estate sector and can offer sound advices related to home mortgage. He suggests how to keep your mortgage debt under control and also avail of tax benefits in the process.

Plastic money has become a part of our life. For any kind of transaction, people use their credit cards. However, credit card has certain flaws of its own. People tend to get tempted and spend more with easy availability of plastic money. As a result, credit card frauds are also on the rise. Mike Rabb has offered few helpful tips on how to use your credit cards safely and what you should do if the card is stolen. He always stresses on spending wisely. He feels that this is the best way to keep your debts under control.